Measurement and advice – Standard version

Because scientists still disagree about the effect on our health of the electromagnetic radiation caused by wireless devices, we are in favour of the so-called precautionary principle: until it is clear that this form of radiation is not harmful to humans and animals, we recommend customers to live and work in a low-radiation environment. So in order to know the current state of the amount of radiation in your home or office, we recommend you to let us carry out a radiation measurement. Based on the results of the measurement we will also advise you on how the amount of radiation can be reduced measurably in order to achieve as much as possible a natural and therefore healthy environment.


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Standard measurement (Quick scan):


  • Measurement with professional equipment.
  • Measurement of radiation sources and radiation intensity in each room.
  • Focus on the offices, living room and sleeping rooms.
  • Written report.
  • Tailor made advice about how to lower drastically the exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Price standard measurement (Quick scan): 

  • € 225,= (excl. 21% VAT).
  • Maximum duration: 2 hours.
  • For each additional hour we ask € 85,= (excl. 21% VAT).


Indication of total travelling expenses excl. 21% VAT:

Province of Utrecht       : No travelling expenses

Amsterdam                   : €   35,00

The Hague                   : €   55,00

Breda                           : €   57,50

Eindhoven                    : €  67,50

Maastricht                    : € 132,50

Zwolle                          : €   65,00

Enschede                    : €   72,50

Groningen                   : € 129,50

Alkmaar                       : €   65,00

Antwerp                       : €   90,00

Brussels                      : € 125,00

Luik/Liege                   : € 147,50

Aken                           : € 147,50

Parking costs will also be invoiced to the client.

What do we measure?

hoogspanningsmast-stralingmetenNormally we measure the following in houses and offices:

– High frequent electromagnetic radiation
Of cell towers, WiFi-routers, wireless devices, micowaves, etc.

– Alternating magnetic fields
Of power lines, transformers, etc.

– Alternating electric fields
Of all electrical devices like computers, laptops, lamps, alarm clocks, etc.

– Dirty electricity
Of the chargers of cell phones, iPads, computers, laptops, plasma TV’s, digi boards, etc.

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