Carbonet surface surveillance system

Carbonet surface surveillance fleece is a flexible fibre fleece with non-metallic, conductive coating and is applied in wallpapering technology.

Carbonet is an ideal underlay for individual design. The fleece is equipped with electronic sensors. The sensors monitor the fleece and detect a damage caused by the attempt of breaking through the wall/ceiling/floor or other protected surface.

Carbonet can be combined with any alarm-system due to the 12 V power supply and potential free contacts for alarm.

Carbonet has the major benefit over a seismic detector, that vibrations caused by for example railway or subway, motorway, earthquake, building construction work near by, heavy rain and rivers or technical installations like air-condition, elevators, etc., do not trigger an false alarm.

Carbonet can be integrated in standard construction boards, doors or other construction elements.

Carbonet will not detect holes with a diameter of max. 15 mm at any place. So nails, screws, dowels etc. will not damage the system. The secured room can be used normally.