About us

After years of experience in measuring and shielding electromagnetic radiation, Shielding Technologies has become a specialist in creating low-radiation living and working environments.


Mark Heijmeijer





mark@shieldtech.nl or +31-6-53226369

General manager Mark Heijmeijer studied international marketing and has had various international marketing positions at various companies for more than 20 years. Since 2008 he has been managing Shielding Technologies and during that period he has become a specialist on electromagnetic fields, their possible health effects and the existing shielding options. Next to that Mark knows the market of our kind of products very well. With that knowledge he was able to select a wide range of top quality products to import and distribute in Western Europe.


How our clients see Shielding Technologies:
– Knowledgeable
– Personal approach
– Professional
– Serious
– Direct
– Dedicated
– Committed
– What we say is what we do


In memory of Alexander Kuperman


Alexander Kuperman

We are deeply affected by the fact that our business partner and friend Alexander Kuperman passed away at September 25th, 2021. Alex was a wise and honest man with a lot of expertise and experience in our business. We will surely miss his knowledge, his commitment and his warm sympathy. We remember him with great gratitude for what he has done for the benefit of our company over a long period of time.