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Cell towers - Power lines - Transformers

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About how exposure to radiation can be drastically lowered

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Radiation measurement

We measure radiation

We trace the sources of electromagnetic radiation and measure the intensity of the radiation

We have done hundreds of radiation measurements in houses and offices

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We give tailor made advice

We advise you how to drastically lower your exposure to electromagnetic radiation

But you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of modern wireless technology

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Our protecting products

Radiation resistant shielding fleece and window foil – Against cell tower radiation

EMC Protect Plus – Best shielding properties for electromagnetic fields – Also for military purposes

Life Rhythm – Against radiations of cellphones, tablets and laptops

Power Shield panels – Against radiation of transformers

JRS – Low radiation router

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What do we measure?

Radiation of cell towers, WiFi routers, wireless devices

(High frequent electromagnetic radiation)

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Radiation of transformers and power lines

(Low frequent alternating magnetic fields)

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Radiation of the  electricity network and electrical devices

(Low frequent alternating electric fields)

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Radiation of cell phones, laptops, solar panels, etc.

(Dirty electricity or electrical pollution)

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Different kinds of measurements

1. Quick scan

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3. Magnetic fields

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Our clients about us

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Exposure limits and regulations

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Prevention is better than cure

Scientific research shows that non thermal radiation of wireless devices negatively affects our health. In spite of that there is no consensus about this among scientists. That is the reason why exposure levels differ considerably between the different countries.

Measure radiation before you buy a house

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Experts about radiation and health

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Advice for lower exposure

Based on the results of our measurements, we inform our customers about the radiation sources and the amount of radiation in their home, after which we give advice about the specific measures that can be taken to significantly reduce their exposure to radiation in order to create a more natural living environment. 

Radiation analysis

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How does shielding work?

Measurement equipment

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