Measurement and advice – Extended version – With Spectrum analyzer

Shielding Technologies is a specialist in measuring with a high quality calibrated spectrum analyzer. Our investigations and reports are very thorough. The reports can be used for legal purposes.

What can you expect from us?

Professional measurement with professional measurement equipment – Spectrum analyzer and antennas of Rohde & Schwarz.
– Measurement of the spectrum between approximately 9 KHz and 7,5 GHz.
– We locate the radiation sources and intensity at any spot required.
– Detailed written report with graphics of the measured spectrum (See example below).
– Explanation of the intensity of the radiation sources.
– Interpretation of the report in relation to the international ICNIRP standard and the building biological SBM2015 standard.
– Advice about the possibilities to drastically lower the exposure to radiation.

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Spectrumanalysator 3