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Perfect WiFi with a low radiation router.

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Reduce WiFi radiation in your home with a JRS Eco WiFi router.

Did you know that a regular WiFi router transmits clearly measurable beacon signals 24 hours a day, 10 times a second? The JRS Eco WiFi routers come with the unique JRS Eco firmware operating system that reduces radiation and works on a modern Asus router.


The first generation of JRS Eco WiFi routers (model 01A) already significantly reduced the electrosmog by reducing the pulse frequency by 90%. The JRS Eco 100 technology goes one step further: these models automatically switch to a completely radiation free Full Eco standby mode when no WiFi devices are connected.


Simple installation: the WiFi router is connected to your internet modem (KPN, Ziggo, etc.) with a standard network cable that we also supply. If your modem has built-in WiFi, turn it off. You can continue to use all other functions of your internet modem.

Have a look at the video that compares normal routers with JRS Eco WiFi routers.


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