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Radiation resistant reinforcement fabric (rough) is an extremely effective material for shielding electromagnetic radiation.

Price per m2: € 16,75 incl. VAT.

Price per roll of 50,00m x 1,00m: € 847,50 incl. VAT.

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Product 97443

Excellent shielding properties for electromagnetic fields.

Excellent shielding properties for frequencies from 0,1 to 3 GHz.

Very suitable for shielding of electromagnetic pollution generated by Dect telephones in adjacent rooms.

Applicable in new buildings and in renovations. Finely woven synthetic material.

Strong and durable.

Earthing posible. Earthing required for certain applications.

Easy to process.

Possible applications:

– Covered by wallcoverings.

– Covered by paint.

– With paintersfiller and plasters.

– With insulation systems.

– Under floors.

Available per roll.

Roll: Length: 50,00m; width: 1,00m.

Product information: Radiation resistant reinforcement fabric (Rough) 97443

Test report: Radiation resistant reinforcement fabric (Rough) 97443

Installation instruction:Radiation resistant reinforcement fabric (Rough) 97443


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