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Product 97402/97420

Price per m2: € 8,92 incl. VAT.

Excellent characteristics for shielding electromagnetic fields.

Excellent characteristics for frequencies up to 10 GHz.

Can be applied to walls, ceilings and floors.

Applicable on wood, concrete, etc.

Very strong and durable.

Earthing required.

Can be covered with any kind of wall covering.

Can be painted.

Availble per roll.

Roll 97402:

Length: 10,05 m; width; 0,53 m.

Roll 97420:

Length: 20,00 m; width: 1,00 m.

Test report: EMC shielding fleece

Installation instruction: EMC shielding fleece



Order size

0,53 m * 10,05 m, 20,00 m * 1,00 m