Mr. Ronald van den Oord, Heemskerk, Netherlands

Everything was fast and clear. I am very satisfied with the Shielding Technologies approach. There was an immediate response to my email. I received a quick and clear answer to all my questions. I was also helped with resolving my doubts. For difficult technical matters I was called by phone, even outside normal working hours. The appointment for the measurement could take place within a few days. A few hours after the measurement I received the written report in my email.

I can recommend everyone to do business with this company.

Mrs. Sylvia Ballij, Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

We have had a measurement carried out for the purchase of our new home. We have been helped very well. Since it concerned the purchase of a new home, we were happy that the measurement could take place within a few days. The measurement was performed skillfully. Even after receiving the measurement report it was possible to ask some questions and get information. We were satisfied.

Amsterdam UMC (University Medical Centers), Netherlands

During the Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS) course, the topic of “electromagnetic field” (EMF) was discussed. In addition to measuring EMF, the section ‘safe distance guidance’ was also discussed, ie what is the safe distance to a radiation object, for example a transformer or a switch box. Since our workstations are located a short distance from a number of switch boxes that supply the data centers of the UMC Amsterdam with electricity, our interest was quickly aroused. We began to wonder how safe our workplaces were. The only way to find out was to hire a specialized company that would be able to map the EMF radiation. That is why we decided to contact Shielding Technologies. We have not regretted that. The contact was very pleasant at all times. The measurements were carried out by two experts using highly advanced equipment. During the measurements we were well informed about what was being measured and what the radiation sources were. Based on these measurements, we have received a neat report. For us, the main conclusion was that the levels of the electromagnetic radiation were not so high that it could have adverse consequences for our health. The report also made a number of recommendations on how we could lower the measured values. Our worries about our workplaces have been removed and that is worth a lot.

Mr. Jorg van Doorn, De Meern, Netherlands

Some time ago I became aware of my electro hypersensitivity. It was not easy to find an expert who is capable of giving good advice and of helping to find an overall solution. Before I contacted Shielding Technologies two other companies had done a measurement in my house but in my opinion these measurements were either incomplete or not giving a clear indication of the situation.

I was very satisfied with the approach of Shielding Technologies. They carried out a complete measurement and gave advice about the possibilities to lower the exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Based on their advice I decided to take action. And I started to use Life Rhythm. The different measures make that my electrosensitivity bothers me less than before. The combination of using shielding materials and Life Rhythm products appeals to me. And so does the scientific approach of Life Rhythm.

Town Hall, Huizen, Netherlands

Close to the Town Hall there are several cell towers and employees were wondering whether the radiation of these cell towers can have a negative influence on their health. Therefore we decided to ask Shielding Technologies to measure the levels of radiation in our offices.

The measurement showed that the highest levels that were measured were lower than the current legal maximum exposure levels. Shielding Technologies proposed several recommendations that would considerably lower the exposure of the employees to the radiation of the cell towers. As a matter of prevention we implemented the most important recommendations: in several offices radiation resisting window foil was installed and WiFi routers close to employees were relocated. Next to that we also changed the positioning of computers and other electrical devices. Our employees are satisfied with the measures that have been taken.

The co-operation with Shielding Technologies was nice and constructive.

Mrs. M.W., Netherlands

We asked Shielding Technologies for a measurement in order to know the amount of radiation coming from the power line next to our house. The measurement was done in a professional way. The man who measured explained the situation in an understandable way and measured in several places in our house. The results of the measurement were presented in a report the same day and they give a good impression of what was measured and how the results relate to the maximum permitted levels in the Netherlands.

Mrs. Willemijn van Melle, Bilthoven, Netherlands

For years I had been thinking that something was wrong in the electricity system in our house. Every night we used to switch off the electricity system in the living room and bedroom. Due to that we had a better sleep but during the day we are used to using light, ovens, computers, etc. Although this did not feel well we accepted the situation. Eventually we contacted Shielding Technologies and their experts measured the radiation levels in our house. Due to the measurement it became clear what we had expected. Shielding Technologies detected very high levels of dirty electricity in our house. After placing netfilters the levels of dirty electricity were lowered considerably and now it feels much better at home. We really notice the contrast and this gives us energy and air! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous, Netherlands

In August 2015 biometrical research showed that I am electro hyper sensitive and that I was exposed to electromagnetic radiation. My husband had already been suffering from radiation related complaints like insomnia. For that reason we asked Shielding Technologies to investigate the radiation levels in our house. Based on the results of the measurement we started to use Life Rhythm – The Tube, Life Rhythm – Inside (for cellphone and laptop). Because of these products we sleep much better than before and we have the impression that we have more energy and that we can concentrate better than before. Last but not least we feel more relaxed now.

We are very satisfied about these products because they have added quality of life. Next to that we are satisfied about the way in which the measurement was done: in a professional way by a kind man who took the time to inform us what he was doing and what he discovered.

Province North of Holland, Haarlem, Netherlands

As several employees had similar complaints for which no cause could be found Shielding Technologies was asked to measure the radiation, the radiation sources and the intensity of the radiation in the building. Several sources were detected and Shielding Technologies advised the client how the exposure of the employees to the radiation could be reduced considerably: a strong magnetic field in the room of one of the employees was shielded with mumetal. Next to that special foil was adjusted to the windows of several offices in order to make sure that most of the high frequent radiation of a nearby cell tower would no longer enter the offices. Last but not least high levels of dirty electricity were measured in almost all offices and by placing Stetzerizer netfilters these levels were brought to acceptable levels. After Shielding Technologies had taken these measures most employees admitted that they were feeling much better than before.

Mr. Alexander Botev, The Hague, Netherlands

When Shielding Technologies measured the radiation in my appartment I found out that high levels of dirty electricity were detected: the lowest value measured was 946 GS units and the highest 1566 GS units. Shielding Technologies recommended to place Stetzerizer netfilters and with these filters the values went down to lower than 50 GS units. Ever since I wake up more easily and in the mornings I feel less tired than before. Next to that I feel less pressure in my chest, neck and head. I thank you for your measurements and advice. I really feel better now.

Neurofeedback Institute Netherlands, Eindhoven, Netherlands

After a radiation measurement in our head office we placed Stetzerizer netfilters in order to considerably reduce the levels of dirty electricity. The result was that one of the employees did no longer have her usual headache after work and a board member already felt better shortly after the filters had been placed.

Next to that we were surprised that, due to the fact that the levels of dirty electricity had been brought down considerably, making EEG’s (Electro Encefalogram) was much easier that before. After this experience we decided to measure the dirty electricity in our other offices as well and also there filters were installed.

Engineers office Cauberg Huygen, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The radiation measurement of a transformer was done in a very professional way. Therefore I would like to summarize my experience with Shielding Technologies as follows: the knowledge and expertise of a big organization combined with the charm of a small business. I am very positive about our co-operation and intend to contact Shielding Technologies again for other projects in the future.

Mr. Eric Snitselaar, Utrecht, Netherlands

A few years ago a cell tower was placed at a distance of approximately 30 meters from my house. Ever since, several neighbours and I have experienced physical problems for which we can not find an explanation. I used to sleep sliep ver bad and as a result I suffered from chronic fatigue. Because I was not te only one and because the doctors could not find another reason than a psychlogical one I decided to take action myself.

I already knew that I am sensitive to radiation. For example: when I use a mobile phone I get an unpleasant feeling in my head. I found Shielding Technologies on the internet ans asked for the costs of a radiation measurement in my house.

Mr. Alexander Kuperman measured the radiation levels in all rooms of my house and detected high values of high frequent electromagnetic radiation, especially in my sleeping room. During the measurement mr. Kuperman explained in detail how the measured values had to be interpreted, for example by comparing them with the German SBM 2008 standard.

A few days later I received a detailed report of the measurement, including suggestions to minimize the exposure to radiation in my house, and an indication of the costs of the suggested measures. After I studied the report I decided to ask Shielding Technologies to implement the the suggested measures.

It took less than a day for mr. Kuperman to install the radiation resisting window foil on the windows of both the first and the second floor. I am very satisfied with the result: it was done in such a professional way that it is difficult to see that window foil has been placed on the windows.

Next to window foil Shielding Technologies also supplied radiation resisting curtains for my sleeping room. Radiation resisting curtains were not enough because the radiation penetrates not only the windows but the walls as well. I placed the curtains to the wall myself, because that is quite simple.

After the window foil and curtains had been placed mr. Kuperman returned for a radiation measurement free of charge and this measurement proved that the radiation levels were approximately 95% lower than before placing the curtains and window foil.

I have to say that since the measures were taken I sleep much better than before and I wake up less frequently and fitter than before.

Of course the measurement and measures taken meant a considerable investment for me but I am very glad I did it as sleeping well is very important. Therefore I want to thank Shielding Technologies and I recommend everyone to contact them for their professional approach.

Mr. Van Heemstra, pediatrician Ikazia Hospital, Rotterdam, Netherlands

I have been using Stetzerizer filters for more than 6 months while registring EEG’s. We do this with sensitive devices that measure values in microvolt. Before I had placed Stetzerizer filters there was a lot of electrosmog, especially 50 Hz, and this electrosmog could appear at any moment. Since I plugged in Stetzerizer filters the quality of my EEG’s has been very good and the artefacts due to electrosmog have almost disappeared.

Krone Fleet, Rotterdam

As almost all our employees suffered from physical complaints for which no explanation could be given we contacted Shielding Technologies in order to investigate the exposure of our employees to radiation of the power station which is located 50 meters from our office. This is particularly important for us because we have plans to build a new office at the same location. The result of the measurement was that Shielding Technologies advised us to plan the new office on another location of our company site, further away from the power station. This because there the exposure to the radiation of the power station is much lower than on our current location. We have worked in a friendly and constructive way with Shielding Technologies and are very satisfied with the open and transparant way in which the research and report were done.

Forum, Institute for Cultural Matters, Utrecht, Netherlands

Some of our employees suffered from physical complaints for which we could not find a clear explanation. As a cell tower was located at approximately 15 meters from their working place we thought that the radiation of this cell tower could create their problems. Therefore we invited Shielding Technologies and their investigation showed clearly that the employees involved were permanently exposed to the radiation of the cell tower. In order to reduce considerably the exposure to that radiation Shielding Technologies recommended to adjust a special transparant foil on the windows which blocks the radiation and which prevents it from entering the building. A second radiation measurement after the window foil had been installed showed that the exposure to radiation of the cell tower was reduced with more than 90%. The result was that the employees felt much better when they were working than before the windows had been shielded.