How it works

The basis of our contribution to the safe use of wireless communicating devices is the discovery of a mineral that can relieve and to some extent prevent the physical complaints – headache,  irritation, depression, tiredness, concentration problems, sleeping disorders and feelings of discomfort – of persons who are affected by non thermal radiation emitted by wireless devices.

The way the mineral works is based on the fact that we live in a natural quantum field of resonances that can be disturbed by wireless communicating devices. The mineral restores the disturbed resonances.

By building the mineral in a mobile phone, personal computer or tablet, or by placing the mineral on the outside of these devices, this enables the quantum resonances – that can be found mostly in the far infrared vibrations – to be transferred to the electronics of these devices.

Our solution: a mineral with unique characteristics

The mineral absorbs energy from different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and emits it in a specific band of the spectrum: the far infrared. This radiation restores the order of molecules that is disturbed by mobile phones, WiFi and UMTS. The order of molecules is essential for the biochemical reactions of the human body. Blockades which have caused physical complaints like tiredness and loss of concentration are removed.

Internal (double blind) research has shown that the mineral can relieve and to some extent prevent the physical complaints caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


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