Unique concept

Research for many years

A lot of scientific research into the effects of the use of wireless devices and electric power lines indicates that non-thermal radiation of these devices and lines negatively affects our health. Because of this many products have been developed in order to protect us against these health effects. We have intensively investigated the effectiveness of many of these products and we have drawn the conclusion that these products do not offer sufficient protection and can be improved. This has inspired us to invest in research in order to find a more proper solution to the problem. Eventually this has resulted in the discovery and the development of a unique mineral.

Unique mineral

The mineral absorbs energy from different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and emits it in a specific band of the spectrum: the far infrared. According to our model this kind of radiation restores the ordering of molecules – essential for a good functioning of biochemical reactions in the human body – which can be disturbed by mobile phones, WiFi and UMTS. Blockades which have caused physical complaints like fatigue, stress, irritation, frequent headaches and loss of concentration are neutralized.

Extensive internal (double blind) research has shown that the mineral can diminish and prevent physical complaints caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Protection against radiation

We have processed the mineral in Life Rhythm Inside. You can carry it with you or adjust it to radiation sources like smartphones, tablets and routers. In this way our products can contribute to decrease physical complaints and to a more energetic life.