What causes dirty electricity?


Dirty electricity is caused by electronic equipment, some types of energy efficient lamps and other appliances that run on electricity.


  • If your neighbours cause dirty electricity, it will also affect your home’s network.
  • Inverters of solar panels.
  • Inverters of digital screens (In schools, companies, etc.).
  • Some energy saving lamps.
  • Chargers (Of mobile phones, laptops, etc.).

Dirty electricity is more common today than it used to be because many modern appliances no longer use “regular” AC (alternating current) electricity. Instead, in order to work properly, these devices must manipulate the electrical current: for examplemany electrical appliances must convert 50/60 Hertz AC (alternating current) electricity into other forms of electricity, such as low-voltage direct current (DC) or higher frequency alternating current (AC).

And instead of continuous, many devices now draw power from the grid at small intervals. They do this by constantly switching the power to a device “on” and “off”thousands of times per second. This interrupts the continuous flow of standard 50/60 Hertz AC (alternating current) electricity, causing harmonics and irregular spikes of electrical energy. The dirty electricity that is generated spreads, among other things, through the wiring of a building and even to neighbouring buildings, thereby creating electromagnetic fields in the various rooms of those buildings. Human exposure to those electromagnetic fields can affect health because dirty electricity can interfere with important electrical processes in the human body.



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