Health effects caused by dirty electricity


In recent years scientists have investigated the possible effects of dirty electricity on human health. Leading is the research of dr. Magda Havas PhD. (Trent University, Peterborough, Canada) and the research of dr. Sam Milham MD. For further information see and .


Informative videos of dr. Magda Havas PhD.

The relationship between electro sensitivity and diabetes:

Blood sugar levels of some diabetics depend on the amount of electromagnetic pollution in their environment. In an electromagnetic clean environment type 1 diabetics need less insulin and type 2 diabetics have lower sugar levels.


The relationship between electro sensitivity and multiple sclerosis:

Men and women who were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis had a better body balance in environments with low levels of electromagnetic pollution. The ones who walked with a stick were able to walk without a stick several weeks after Stetzerizer filters were installed in their homes.

Informative video of dr. Sam Milham

Health effects by dirty electricity: Dirty Electricity — Stealth Trigger of Disease Epidemics and Lowered Life Expectancy


World Health Organization – Environment Health Criteria 238 – Extremely Low Frequency Fields

Electric and magnetic fields are everywhere in our environment. Scientific research shows acute biological effects when exposed to electric and magnetic fields in the frequencies up to 100 kHz.

See the report: WHO rapport.pdf 4-100 kHz


Other case studies

Several other case studies have been presented. Stetzerizer filters were installed in schools where staff and students suffered from the so called Sick Building Syndrome. Both the staff and the students felt better and were more energetic after Stetzerizer filters had been installed.

Several diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, astma, ADD/ADHD and chronic fatique are more common than before. That is also the case for electromagnetic pollution like dirty electricity and radiation of wireless devices. The relationship between electromagnetic pollution and these diseases must be investigated further and the percentage of the population that is electro sensitive has to be determined.



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