Experiences of our customers with Stetzerizer netfilters


Mr. Van Heemstra, pediatrician Ikazia Hospital – Rotterdam (Netherlands)

I have been using Stetzerizer netfilters for more than 6 months while registering EEG’s. We do this with sensitive devices that measure values in microvolt. Before I had placed Stetzerizer filters there was a lot of electrosmog, especially 50 Hz, and this electrosmog could appear at any moment.

Since I plugged in Stetzerizer filters the quality of my EEG’s has been very good and the artefacts due to electrosmog have almost disappeared.


Mrs. Willemijn van Melle – Bilthoven (Netherlands)

For years I had been thinking that something was wrong in the electricity system in our house. Every night we used to switch off the electricity system in the living room and bedroom. Due to that we had a better sleep but during the day we are used to using light, ovens, computers, etc. Although this did not feel well we accepted the situation. Eventually we contacted Shielding Technologies and their experts measured the radiation levels in our house. Due to the radiation measurement it became clear what we had expected. Shielding Technologies detected very high levels of dirty electricity in our house.

After installing netfilters the levels of dirty electricity were lowered considerably and now it feels much better at home. We really notice the contrast and this gives us energy and air! Thanks a lot!


Neurofeedback Institute Netherlands – Eindhoven (Netherlands)

After a radiation measurement in our head office we installed Stetzerizer netfilters in order to considerably reduce the levels of dirty electricity. The result was that one of the employees did no longer have her usual headache after work and a board member already felt better shortly after the filters had been placed.

Next to that we were surprised that, due to the fact that the levels of dirty electricity had been brought down considerably, making EEG’s (Electro Encefalogram) was much easier than before.

After this experience we decided to measure the dirty electricity in our other offices as well and also there netfilters were installed.


Mr. Alexander Botev – The Hague (Netherlands)

When Shielding Technologies measured the radiation in my appartment I found out that high levels of dirty electricity were detected: the lowest value measured was 946 GS units and the highest 1566 GS units. Shielding Technologies recommended to place Stetzerizer netfilters and with these filters the values went down to lower than 50 GS units.

Ever since I wake up more easily and in the mornings I feel less tired than before. Next to that I feel less pressure in my chest, neck and head. I thank you for your measurements and advice. I really feel better now.


Province North of Holland – Haarlem (Netherlands)

As several employees had similar complaints for which no cause could be found Shielding Technologies was asked to measure the radiation, the radiation sources and the intensity of the radiation in the building. Several sources were detected and Shielding Technologies advised the client how the exposure of the employees to the radiation could be reduced considerably: a strong magnetic field in the room of one of the employees was shielded with mumetal. Next to that special foil was adjusted to the windows of several offices in order to make sure that most of the high frequent radiation of a nearby cell tower would no longer enter the offices. Last but not least high levels of dirty electricity were measured in almost all offices and by placing Stetzerizer netfilters these levels were brought to acceptable levels.

After Shielding Technologies had taken these measures several employees admitted that they were feeling better than before.



Stetzerizer netfilters and Stetzerizer microsurge meter

Stetzerizer microsurge meter

Stetzerizer netfilters


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