Product 92001

The Stetzerizer microsurge meter by Graham Stetzer is designed to seperate the power line frequency to detect and respond to low level high frequency voltages caused by transients and harminics on power lines. The level of these voltages is measured in GS (Graham Stetzer) units and will vary with electrical equipment and loads.

The Stetzerizer microsurge meter was specifically designed as a companion to the Stetzerizer filters. The meter measures the level of harmful electromagnetic “energy” present and its primary use is to guide effective Stetzerizer filter installation.

What distinguishes the Stetzerizer microsurge meter from the Greenwave Line EMI meter? 

The Greenwave Line EMI meter is only measuring the amplitude of the dirty power that is on the 50 or 60 cycle wave and gives the results in Volt per meter. It is not taking the frequency into consideration.  Maxwell Plank, a famous scientist,  who coined “Plank’s Law” says that “energy is equal to frequency.”

Unlike the Greenwave Line EMI meter, the Stetzerizer microsurge meter looks at the amplitude and frequency and gives a number. It is not measuring just amplitude. Our meter is measuring the high frequency energy that is on the building’s wires.


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