Stetzerizer filters suppress disturbing frequencies (dirty electricity) on the electricity grid that can affect health.

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Box of 15 filters € 1.025.00. incl. VAT

Price per filter € 75.00. incl. VAT

The Stetzerizer filter is designed to filter harmonics and other high frequency current dirty electricity from the electrical environment, thereby reducing the potential leakage into the human environment. This dirty electricity is caused by modern devices that are connected to the electricity network. With the so called microsurge meter we can measure the extent of the electromagnetic “pollution” and determine whether netfilters should be installed.

Stetzerizer netfilters are equipped with the so-called Schuko plug that is common in many countries in Europe and elsewhere.


– Since it is essential that sufficient filters are installed, single filter sales are only for customers who have already purchased a box of 15 filters in the past.

– After plugging in a filter in a socket you must never plug in another filter in that filter.

– After plugging in a filter in a socket you must never connect a device with a high ampere heating element (Like for example toasters, ovens, heaters, etc.).

– A netfilter should not be placed in the immediate vicinity (less than 50 cm) of furniture etc.


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